Sunday, July 15, 2012

July 14th - Rome!

We packed our bags up this morning and headed out the door to catch the train to Rome! Sad to leave Florence, but exciting to head somewhere new!

The train ride went by without any mishaps (thank goodness!). Arrived in Rome and walked towards our apartment, grabbing a bite to eat on the way there. When we got there we realized that they had thought there were only two of us, but they quickly turned an unsuspecting little seat into a cot bed. Perfect. This is a darling little apartment just down the street from the Colosseum. Really. We can see it looking out our window.

Unpacked and refreshed after a nap we headed down to the Colosseum and wandered around. We finally broke the boring photo trend, deciding that from here on out we'd like to take more interesting photos....we'll see how that goes...

Dinner at a restaurant up the hill overlooking the Colosseum. There a bunch of men in these strange outfits...they seriously looked like a mixture of superhero/star trek/tron. Carabinieri. They definitely have a stylist and clothing designer who take their work seriously. I didn't have the guts to go ask them for a photo, and the couple I have aren't great, but they looked pretty awesome.

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