Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 11th - The Steins!

Lovely run this morning. I've been stuck in a rut running about thirty minutes every time I go out. The last few weeks when I've gone running I've mostly run with my mouth closed breathing out through my nose, so obviously at a comfortable pace. This being the case I finally bumped the time up to forty minutes today. I probably ought to run faster too...getting there...

I usually listen to Snap Judgement when I run.  I start at a new episode and it helps me to keep track of how long I've been running. That means I often have the last fifteen minutes or so of several episodes to listen to, but I don't really mind.

I've decided that I'm impressed with the building that we live in. It doesn't keep sound out very well from the outside, but the floors are amazing solid. We're on the first floor up (not the ground floor) and I feel like the floors are wonderfully quiet. It has the feeling of a ground floor - not at all like any of the homes I've been in in the states. Usually there's just enough softness to be able to tell that you're standing on several layers of boards and supports. Same with the apartment above us here. If there is anyone up there. I can never tell.

We'd planned on going to see the David statue today but we had some technical difficulties and ended up working on that over lunch.

Class and then off to meet with the Steins who are here visiting from Batesville. Lots of fun to see them!

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