Friday, June 15, 2012

On to other things...

Today is the beginning of something new and the end of a great deal of other things.

Today I leave, having packed everything I own. Most of it is packed in boxes, a much smaller portion in a suitcase, ready to go. I head to Europe today for the next ten weeks. And I don't know whether I'll be coming home to the house my parents have lived in for the last fifteen years or whether the house will have sold properly and we'll have already moved to Alabama.

So while I'm very excited, both for Europe and for my parents move, I'm also very sad, realizing I may never come back to this little town that I've spent so much time in, that I've made so many memories in. I know I'll make new memories wherever I end up, but it is still sad to say goodbye to this house, this town, and the forest I grew up imagining things in. Now that the time has really come, the full extent of the move has hit. It is quite realistic that we'll have moved by the time we come back. It is also possible we'll still be living here, but less likely. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

I think the reason it is so sad to me is that in many ways, even when I have been out and about and at school and around, this has been my home. I guess it is time to make a new home. And I suppose that has the potential to be a very good thing. :)

In more positive news, Italy awaits!

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