Friday, June 29, 2012

June 29th - Last Day of Italian?

Hopefully - fingers crossed - today was our last day of Italian language. Don't get me wrong, I like Francesca, our teacher, and I want to learn Italian, but it was amazing how much time I spent in class this past week frustrated because I couldn't understand her and I wanted to! She was teaching us, for goodness sake! I shouldn't have been so confused! But, for good or bad, I think we've switched things up so we can simply enjoy our mornings doing other things (seeing Florence?) and our afternoons in art classes.

Speaking of which, in our Fashion Design class our teacher (Sara) told us that if we wanted to Morgan and I might be good enough to do something with Fashion Design more than just as a hobby. Tempting - awfully tempting. But, I think I'll keep in the way of pursuing my DPT. :) It is possible I can do both.

After Italian but just before Fashion Design I booked it over to the housing office to pick up a letter from Brandon. :) I had about half an hour to get there and back and did it in less than thirty minutes. I was booking it to iPod music. :) It was a hot day today! One of our warmest yet. Anyway, we'd received an email of Wednesday saying the letter had arrived but didn't get it until today. My mother emailed them to make sure it was there, and then again to let them know that I was on my way, but I'd already been there and picked it by the time they got that second email. :) Speedy, speedy.

This evening we walked around a bit North of where we live and found a new little restaurant to eat at (not that there aren't tons of restuarants that we pass by all the time and haven't been to - because there are - but rather that this was in a new place). Of all the places we've eaten, their bread was the most fantastic yet. And the food! I got gnocchi and it was quite delicious. Leftovers!

A walk down to the river and a stop for gelato and we're home for the night.

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