Thursday, June 28, 2012

June 28th - A Bit of a Break

Thursday! I keep forgetting what day of the week it is, always looking forward to the weekend (even here) because it means no class. :)

Language class has been...interesting. Our teacher has continued to speak mostly in Italian and it has been surprisingly frustrating - particularly when it is obvious she is explaining more rules of grammar! I want to understand the grammar! I just don't understand you.

Anyway, exhausted after about two weeks of our language class, I think we're leaning toward perhaps switching around classes and ending out our month here in Florence with two more weeks of fashion design for Morgan and me and two weeks of pottery for mom...we'll see if we can fanangle that.

Part of the reason we wanted to stay put in Florence for the entire month was to take these Italian courses, but honestly I feel we've gained a good base but have lost the enjoyment in the class for a variety of reasons. At this point I'd much rather keep working on what I already know, slowly solidifying and growing, rather than continuing at a break neck pace that leaves us all feeling confused. And the art classes are wonderful. :)

So we'll see! But perhaps we'll have more time in the morning next week to be out and about seeing stuff that is open during that time here in Florence!

In the meantime, today has been a nice break. Home from classes and pretty much done for the day. No pictures today. Just rest.

There's a big soccer game tonight between Italy and Germany - I'm sure we'll be hearing the results from the cheers and groans from the streets.

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