Thursday, June 28, 2012

June 27th - Out With Friends

Off to the market this morning before class! It's hard to know what to get, as there is a wide variety of everything (and everything is beautiful), but we came home with a nice selection of fruits, veggies, cheese, meat, and bread. We bought some zucchini with the flowers still attached and asked in our class how they were meant to be cooked. Apparently we're supposed to either deep fry them or stuff them with cheese. :)

Resulting from our trip to the market this morning, for a snack during our break I had an apricot and a piece of dark chocolate. I can handle that.

I feel there must be a balance between the amount of water that we need to stay hydrated and the amount of water that doesn't require an inordinate amount of trips to the bathroom, but I haven't discovered that balance yet. As it is, I drink water throughout the day and make frequent trips to the restroom, but whenever I attempt to stave off the drinking of water a bit, I feel extremely parched....I'll have to keep working on that....

Class was a bit rough today. More and more frequently our teacher explains everything in Italian, which is good on the one hand, getting more exposure to the language, but very bad on the other, because usually we don't understand everything she says so we end up even more confused after.  Let's just say that, even though I like and enjoy learning language, I definitely prefer my fashion design class over my language class.

This evening we wandered a bit before dinner and then after dinner we walked up to an overlook on the south side of the river. Very pretty!

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