Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 26th - Opera

Today was pretty normal. Class in the morning and early afternoon. Mom got her hair cut today. :)

In the afternoon we headed out to go to the grocery store, attempting to find a slightly larger one than we'd been frequenting. We walked around in circles for awhile and then randomly came across one of the guys in our class who'd mentioned the grocery store to us in the first place. After asking him we discovered that we'd walked right by the front of the store but that, because it was entirely covered by scaffolding, we'd never have seen it. It ended up being closed, but a dollar store next door had some of the things we needed and the little grocery store we'd been to before filled in some of the holes.

With an hour to go before an opera performance of La Boheme in a little British church on the other side of the river, we wandered some smaller streets for a bit until we found a little trattoria that looked like it might be good. Delicious! Pesto Penne for me! We've come to the conclusion that typically, for the three of us, two and perhaps a half dishes is consistently enough. We got two dishes and a small fruit salad and that was just a bit more than we needed.

After dinner we headed to the church and listened to the opera. We'd bumped into the Russian mother and daughter on our way to the church and they came along to listen as well. The opera was good. It's amazing what human voices can do. I perhaps don't have much patience for operas though, as I was getting tired and bored by the end. But the little church venue was very cool and the performance was well done. I'm just not well trained to listen.

Good evening! So ready for bed!

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