Saturday, June 23, 2012

June 23rd - Held Hostage in a Film Showing

We had a nice easy morning today. Sleeping in. Breakfast. Computers. No rush to get to class. Open windows. The sound of people walking and cars passing. Laundry (the little washer in the kitchen sounds like an airplane). A nice light lunch of cheese, fruit, meats, and bread. :)

Tried again to go to the post office. It was closed. I'd looked for the hours online and it had appeared that it would be open until early this evening, but apparently not. Now, having been thwarted a second time, I'm determined to win the next go. This time I even had three letters to send. Just wait Monday...I'm coming for you...with even more letters in hand.

We went for a walking tour of Florence early this afternoon. I was excited for it before it started but then when we started it we realized the guide was only speaking Italian. Sure, we're learning Italian, but the words he was using to describe historical and artistic things were a little outside our range, so after just a bit I started to get tired of it. We have the same guide tomorrow to Pisa and Lucca and we'll see how that goes.

We got to the Chiesa di S. Spirito and realized that we weren't properly dressed (your shoulders and knees have to be covered) so we sat outside waiting with a few others, not realizing that that was the end of the tour. While we were waiting a man offered to water us with his sprinkler (while he was watering his plants), asking if we were "caldo", to which we replied that we were fine without being sprinkled, thank you, but ended up being accidentally sprinkled anyway when was of his friends came up behind us and he tried to sprinkle his friend.

On our walk home we stopped again for some gelato and for Mom to get a scarf. Kezti (I've just murdered the spelling of her name), a girl from Mexico in our language class came along with us,

Victory! As we walked I spotted a Tabacci store (where the sell cigarettes) and I had just read that they also sell stamps (minus the weird line), so stopped in and got some. :)

Kababs for dinner! Yum!

This evening we went back to the Palazzo Strozzi to watch the Florence Dance Company perform again. They did the same two dances, but in costume, a preview for their full show. It was beautiful again, as expected.

Afterwards we were sitting about waiting to see if there was anything else and it turned out that there was, that a small independent film preview was occuring just off the main room. It was the most darling little room with cool bookshelves and comfy looking chairs.

The style of the films, all by the same film maker, was very interesting, using mostly detorating film from archives to tell his stories. It really was cool.

However, after the eight minute film, the 25 minute film sounded very long, but we'd push through and be happy to leave as soon as it was finished. But what? The third film is another hour? Less than ten minutes in, I wanted to go. But how do you leave those kinds of things politely? You don't. I guess. So we were essentially (or at least it felt like this) held captive for at least an hour longer than we'd have liked. It was interesting. Beautiful even. But waaaay too long.

Happy to be home. Happy to be going to bed.

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