Friday, June 22, 2012

June 22 - Dinner and Dance Rehearsals

Today in class we've been talking about houses, rooms, and furniture. Usually our teacher seems to be able to translate whatever questions we have rather easily, but some of our word requests have been rather odd today.

Me: "Chest - like a trunk?"

Teacher: blank look

Australian guy: "Like a treasure chest - with pirates."

Teacher: "Oh!"

Later during a conversation reading between the only two guys in our class, as they read the parts of "Daniele" and "Paulo" the guy reading for Daniele suddenly switched into a high feminine voice (thinking Daniele was a girl). Our teacher, with her usual animation looked at him and said, "Daniele is a man." Which we all laughed in response to as he was surprised. Our teacher then said that, "If it was a woman, I couldn't have picked one of the nine women here, not a man."

This afternoon our Design class went well. We drew faces...I've decided that faces are not a necessary part of drawing model figures to draw clothing on. And since I decidedly don't like drawing faces, no faces for me. :)

We got to start making up outfits based on some of the test outfits we'd done. Essentially trying to maintain a thread between the different outfits, to make it all one collection, but to also be drawing new and different things than we'd already drawn. Fun.

This morning it was rather chilly. I had goose bumps for the majority of the first two hours and took my hoodie back for the last two, but didn't end up wearing it. But outside? It's hot. Around 88 degrees Fahrenheit right now. Oh, air conditioning, how I love you.

We stayed home for dinner tonight. First time. We've eaten breakfast and lunch at home most days, but this was the first time for dinner here. Fruit salad. Pasta. :) Simple, but delicious.

This evening we walked to the Palazzo Strozzi to watch a dress rehearsal for the upcoming Florence Dance Festival. The performers were from the Florence Dance Festival and were incredible beautiful to watch. Really amazing. Then, walking home, we passed some street musicians and stood for awhile watching them before heading home (passing the incredible organ music and window shopping on our way!).

(Florence Dance Company - Rehearsal - Palazzo Strozzi)

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