Thursday, June 21, 2012

June 21 - Concerts!

Today has been particularly basic. Language class this morning was mostly uneventful. We invited Isabella (the girl from the UK) to come over during our twenty minute break and it was fun talking to her.

At lunch time we walked over to the Duomo because apparently the light was coming straight inside the dome for an hour, but we got there and there was a long line and we wouldn't have even made it in in time. So we walked home to have some lunch. Cheese, soft cheese, flat bread, bell pepper, watermelon, salami. All of the above from the market this morning. :)

In our fashion design class today we worked some more on being able to draw clothing on figures my imitating more magazine photos and transferring the clothing as accurately as possible onto our figures. Some textures are easier to depict than others. And no matter what, I will always avoid fitted onesies. Especially denim fitted onesies. Even on the slender model in the photo, it just wasn't a good idea.

We're supposed to be looking for pictures or ideas for inspiration for the collections we'll be working on in the next week or so. I have no idea right now...

Nice break this afternoon. So often we've come home from class and gone out to walk the streets. It's nice to just sit and chill for awhile.

My feet have never been so consistently dirty every day. At the end of each day I consider just hopping into bed but then I glance at my feet and (sighing) walk into the bathroom to wash my feet off. My white white sheets appreciate the thought.

This evening we went to a parts of two concerts. The first was an incredible organ concert that they have at the church of Santa Maria de' Ricci. That was beautiful. Incredible acoustics. The church was dark and mostly lit by candlelight. :) The second concert was a vertical concert, or a concert where the band members are scattered a bit on balconies on the front of a building and the crowd looks on in the streets. That was pretty cool. We stayed for a bit, dancing to the music, and then came home. Good day today.   

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