Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 20 - Butterflies and Snakes

More class today. We've got an addition of a girl from England now, which is fun.

On our break this morning we came home to some women cleaning the entry way and as we headed up the stairs a woman came out of the lift and we squeezed by her and were about to head up the stairs when she started talking to us. We stared back at her, listening, but comprehending little. I think she finally realized we were having trouble understanding, but she repeated herself and we thanked her and then hurried up to the stairs...we're not ready for the public...and we need to solidify our "I don't understand" statements. "Non capisco. Non capisco Italiano."

Some other bits and pieces from class this morning. Our teacher recommended not to read children's books to practice our Italian. "Not logical. You'll be reading and a butterfly will talk to a snake. You start to hate children, butterflies, and snakes." There was a question regarding games we like to play and the Australian couple talked about Australian Football, which our teacher had never heard of, so there was a lengthy discussion trying to compare it to something she might recognize. Something was said about the rules being similar to Irish/Gaelic football, but I'd certainly never heard of that. We learned that in Italy, a specific salad is a "Russian Salad", but that if you go to Russia, that same salad is an "Italian Salad". Our teacher appears very often perplexed at some of our answers to various questions.

More fashion design in the afternoon. We worked on hands today. I don't particularly mind drawing hands, but I don't particularly like it either. Fortunately, they're not terribly important when you're drawing clothing on figures. But you need something there - and I almost feel like determining a minimalistic hand approach is more difficult than the hands themselves. I still haven't settled on something that works for me.

Our last assignment of the day was to draw an outfit from a magazine picture onto one of our figurines. Essentially attempting to accurately describe the clothing in simple ways. That was fun. :)

Out and about we went after class. The goal was to visit Boboli Gardens but we got there just at 7:00 and they were closed for the evening and for some sort of special event. So instead we wandered and then got some dinner and finally headed home after stopping by a couple of new piazzas we hadn't been to yet.

It has been interesting to notice that Italians dress well here. Both the men and the women. In the States it is sort of typical to assume the incredibly well dressed men are probably gay. Not always, but that is not an uncommon stereotype. Here though, that stereotype simply doesn't work. The men are all just too well dressed alongside the women. I wish that were more common in the United States.

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