Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 19 - Two Different Words

This morning in class we were going around asking what everyone liked to drink and most people were saying things like "cappuccino" and "latte" - the kinds of things you might order at a bar - and it got around to me and I said "agua" and the teacher just gave me this blank look. She gives a lot of blank looks. It's part of her humor and it works pretty well. But then just a few minutes later we were asked what we'd had for breakfast and Morgan answered "agua e fruita" (or something like that)  and she gave Morgan another one of her looks and promptly dubbed us the water family. It is entirely possible that will stick to us throughout the duration of this class.

The rest of class was mostly uneventful. We have quiet a variety as far as where people are from. Our teacher is (obviously) Italian, there's a couple from Australia, three people from Mexico, a mother and daughter from Russia, and then us. We started talking about food and it was so interesting to hear what everyone eats when they're in their home countries for the various meals.

Interesting fact. Here, there's nothing that exists that fits the description of what an American "Pepperoni Pizza" would be. In fact, if you were to ask for a pepperoni pizza here, you'd instead get a pizza with bell peppers on it. Which makes a lot more sense. I'm not sure how the pepperoni pizza transitioned so far away from its namesake when it moved to the states, but there you go. I love pepperoni pizza - Italian pepperoni pizza, that is - not so much American pepperoni pizza.

I dropped by the post office this afternoon, trying to send a letter (my first outgoing) and was very intimidated by the confusing system they have here. It doesn't feel very user friendly as far as sending things out is concerned. I went up to a little side desk and asked for a stamp and the lady pointed me back to a machine box of some kind. I didn't initially understand, but eventually realized that I was supposed to take a ticket and wait my turn - with thirty or more people in front of me. Not to mention that there were three different options of buttons to choose to get my waiting ticket. I'll go back soon to try again, now understanding a bit more, but we'll see how it goes. I'd love to get a bunch of postage for my weeks here, but I'm not even really sure I can do that yet - I don't know where I'd even drop the letter off if not in the post office as  haven't seen any postal boxes here in Florence.

From 1:00 to 3:00 we have a break in our day and after lunch all of us fell asleep. I awoke with an abrupt start realizing on my clock that it was 3:00 exactly. (!) I hurried and woke Morgan up and we rushed out the door and off to our studio fashion design class. We arrived a bit flurried and our teacher asked us if we were ok and then surprised said, "You, you are sisters, yes?" - looking back and forth between us - "You - you are like two different words." :)

Class went well. We worked more on our sketches of bodies and altering their positions. She showed us some of her work.

Another trip to the grocery store and a stop by a pastry shop. Delicious!

This evening we went out to eat with about 16 other students at the Italian school. We walked there from the school and sat at a couple of tables in a cute little restaurant. As we sat and talked, the waiter brought out a lettuce based salad, a cooked grain based salad, bread, green beans, some sort of seafood dish with more bread, and cantaloup. Already we were pretty overwhelmed but the shear quantity. We chipped away at it and felt pretty content with the lot - finished. They cleared our dishes and we were sort of thinking - maybe dessert, right? But no, next came two saucy dishes and some pasta. Fortunately, the only thing to come after that was the dinner, but I don't think I fully anticipated the quantity of food that was coming our way. But it was all delicious.

I sat next to one of the Russian women and we talked about a variety of the things, plans, school, travel, language, Russian stereotypes about Americans (we couldn't get her to tell us very many of those), you know, good conversation. She's currently working on a Biology  PhD, though she perhaps would have preferred to have been a medical doctor.

After dinner we walked home and then talked to a few of our fellow students for an hour or two (it was awhile) before finally coming home. Good day.

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