Tuesday, April 17, 2012

On Hoodies...

I've hit the point in the semester where I wake up every morning for class and my article of clothing of choice is a hoodie. Because what does a hoodie symbolize to me? Comfort. Warmth. Laziness. Relaxation. It gives me just a little bit of an extra boost to push me through these last few weeks of class.

Owing to the fact that I really only have one hoodie that I like wearing out of the house, perhaps I should invest in getting another one. Although, it will have to be one that is equally as comfortable as the one I wear now. Which means it has to be the right size, the right fit, and the right quality/thickness of cloth. I received three hoodies (all from CafePress) at Christmas time the Christmas before last (2010) and I'm now getting rid of all of them because none of them are terribly comfortable (they're all soft inside, but the fabric is stiff and they're loose around the waist), particularly in comparison to the one I'm wearing now. Ironically, the one I love wearing now was a surprise gift that I didn't pick out or test for perfection but which ended up being perfect anyway.

So, what am I looking for? A hoodie that's not too big (I don't need to be swimming around in it), fits me but has some bagginess (because, come on, it's a hoodie), fits around the waist (the elastic around the waist should be tighter that the rest of the torso), and has soft pliable cloth that wears well. The one I have right now is somewhat thin and I wouldn't be opposed to a slightly thicker one, but only if it retains that pliable feel.

And then there's the issue of color and design. The current hoodie is black with a logo on the upper left front and in the center of the back. I don't really mind either of the logos or the color, but it might be nice to try a different dark color and a different design. But as for what, I guess we'll see. :)

Who knew I had such a defined opinion about what makes a good hoodie?

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