Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Odometer Time Travel

For the record, I stole this picture online. This isn't my car.
The odometer in my car recently reached my birthday. I'd been waiting for it to pass 111111 and it did that early this morning. On my way home from class it reached my birth year (I'm a Veteran's Day baby) and it has been the strangest thing to watch the years pass with every mile since then. Second birthday. Third birthday. All the way to my seventh birthday at this point. What happens when it reaches the present? What happens when it extends into the future? What can possibly happen?!

At the very minimum it will be a slight entertainment tomorrow as I drive to school. I'll be driving into my birthday future on my odometer. What a thought. :) Although, come to think of it, once it hits 99 for the year, the date will change and it won't be my birthday anymore. Unaware, I traveled through the years before and after my birthday mostly before my birthday was reached...

As a side note, this morning I felt the effects of some not-so-appreciated time travel. My alarm went off at 5:30 and I instantly decided 6:00 would be a fine time to arise and reset my alarm for that. However, not a split second later, my alarm went off again! What happened to that half an hour?! The only answer, obviously, must be time travel. There's no other way that half hour could have disappeared so quickly.

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