Monday, April 9, 2012

Confidence In Body - Or Not

I'm a fairly confident person most of the time. I don't fear very many real things (which is to say, I behave rather pathetically watching scary movies) and if I really look at most situations, I feel comfortable taking them on. That doesn't mean I don't chicken out occasionally (For example, feeling too timid to smuggling in a small pizza box under my hoodie when we'd just eaten at a restaurant outside the movie theater...only to discover that the lady siting next to us in the theater had non-nonchalantly brought in an identical pizza box from the same restaurant - no smuggling, no questions from the ticket taker... ...thank goodness Brandon was there since I chickened out....)

Anyway, I'm confident about most things, but my body is perhaps not one of those. In all reality, I'm much more confident where my body is concerned than I once was. Much, much more confident. But it is striking to me that when I put on my amazing-ultra-awesome-beyond-amazing sports bra how instantly I feel even more comfortable in my body. More at home in my movement. More free. I can do anything with my body when I'm wearing it.

I think this speaks to the likelihood that I still have a great deal of room to grow in confidence where my body is concerned...but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy my amazing-ultra-awesome-beyond-amazing sports bra at the same time. :-)

For any women out there who are looking for the above previously mentioned amazing-ultra-awesome-beyond-amazing sports bra, you'll want to look here. But you have to mean serious business. Nothing I've worn up to this point has been as incredibly supportive as this one, and I'm no novice in the bra-hunting games. All the best of luck!

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