Monday, April 2, 2012

Bruises Abound (in tiny but frequent portions)

I'm procrastinating. I don't want to do any more homework. I've already done a fair amount today and I know I'll continue to do more before too long, but at least for a moment, I'm going to procrastinate and do this.

What inspired me to procrastinate? Well, I was sitting at my desk reading my textbook with my legs pulled up in front of me when I noticed that I had an unusual amount of bruises on my legs. Granted, I am of some sort of genetic code that seems to lend itself to being easily bruised. It's not a problem with my blood (I've checked and I've got lovely healthy blood fill with all the appropriate amount of everything, most particularly iron.), but rather a result, I think, of having fairly thin skin. Whatever the reason may be, I bruise easily and often. But I have at least fourteen little bruises on my left leg and at least eleven on my right. Again, they're all fairly small, but some of them are still quite colorful for their size. I know I also have a couple bruises on my arms, although those I generally tend to notice less, for whatever reason. I can't help but wonder why the increase it minor bruises, but as it is causing me little distress, other than an increase in procrastination, I don't really mind.

Sometimes I do feel rather like a small child with bruises and bandaids covering my legs (mostly just the bruises at this point as an adult). Bruises on my legs tends to take away from the classy edge I often go for with black dresses and heels, but what's there to do? Embrace it all, I suppose. :)

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