Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wordy words and Wimp

The other day I was reading my physiology book and I came across a sentence that had the word "ionized" and "unionized," in it. Now, I know that I'm supposed to read the latter as "un-ionized," but my brain very much preferred "union-ized" to the appropriate variation. Which made it difficult to make sense of the my brain was constantly requiring me to compensate for the variation I preferred.

I also realized during one of my classes that when people draw arrows like this => I see them as sideways smiley faces. Every time. My use of colons and parentheses has tainted my ability to see them (or things similar to them) as anything other than emoticons.

This wonderful website exists called Wimp. You should all learn about it. I'm forever discovering and stealing and resharing from it. Basically, people all over submit interesting videos to the website and each day they post five or six of the coolest of those videos. Sometimes they're funny, sometimes they're incredible, sometimes they're extremely informative. It is just a really cool space.

Today's bone is the Patella. Sits on the top (anterior) side of your knee. :) Helps your knee to make more sense.

Day 29

-ennui: boredom
-entomology: the study of insects
-ephemeral: short-lived
-epoxy: glue
-equine: pertaining to horses

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