Sunday, February 12, 2012

UC Rec Center (Go! Swim!)

And now for today's post.

Let's see. Yesterday I went to the UC campus Rec Center to go swimming and relax in their hot tub. As I'm not a student there, it cost me $10 to get in, but it was totally worth it and I'll go back again soon. UC has a beautiful urban campus (a smashing of contemporary and older architecture) and the Rec Center was no exception to that. The pool area was this oblong rectangle with corresponding curved long sides. Within the room (which was a smattering of different tiles and concrete walls (the only bright wall being one wall covered in red tiles)) there was the hot tub, a curving little lazy river, the regular pool, a bubble massage area, and a water wall. All of that pretty well blended from one to the next. Have you ever stood against a wall that had water running down along it? It was pretty cool, whether I had my back or my face pressed up against it.

For $10, the pool alone (for two hours) was totally worth it. I can only imagine if I'd wanted to come and use some of the other facilities along with the pool.

So, I guess what I'm saying is that if you're randomly in Cincinnati some time and you want some place interesting to go swim/work out/play basketball/whatever, maybe consider the UC Rec Center.

The Humerus (I often have trouble spelling it) is your upper arm bone. Lots of little bumps and indentations on this bone where other bones articulate with it and muscles attach. When we look at bones of the body outside the body it is difficult to fully grasp how complicated all of those little holes and textures are, but they're what allow for the bone to be the grounding surface it is for out movement. 

Day 39

-numismatics: coin collecting
-obfuscate: bewilder, muddle
-oblation: offering, sacrifice
-obloquy: slander
-obsequious: fawning, servile

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