Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Turn Signals....Still Not Happening

This morning as I was on my way to school I was following a truck and we approached a stop sign. He pulled all the way up and to the right. No turn signal. Reading a lack of communication and a general orientation in the right direction, I edged up alongside him to turn left. As I glanced over to check oncoming traffic, I noticed a quizzical look on this silly man's face. Turns out he wanted to turn left as well. I let him go first, since he'd been there first and then promptly passed him as he was going rather slow. Moral of the story? Use your turn signals! It's not that hard to do!

(Beck - Rental Car)

Today's bones are the Inferior Nasal Concha. Not the most glamorous of bones, these are some of the bones in your nose that air swirl around when you breath in through your nose. The swirling helps to warm the air up, among other things. Be thankful for these bones on cold days. :)

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