Thursday, February 23, 2012

Springish - Here already?

I'm a day behind, but as this is something I noticed yesterday and over the last several days, I don't think that will be too much of a problem.

I have class at 8:00 in the mornings during the middle of the week. Which means I leave for class at about 7:00 in the morning. Some mornings this isn't any fun, particularly the mornings when it is freezing outside and pitch black.

However, over the last several days I've noticed a change. There's more light in the sky (to be expected), and the sounds indicate that spring is coming. In the really early hours during the summer, you go outside and the birds are just going crazy waking up for the day. That's already started here. When I go outside, even though it is still pretty dark, the birds are already up and cheerful, which makes me a little more cheerful as well.

None of this comes as a surprise, of course, but I still feel like this past winter has been shockingly sparse as far as snow and cold temperatures are concerned. I'm not really complaining about this, but it has been weird. Really weird. I think it snowed a grand total of three or four times, and the snow never accumulated enough to making driving difficult, and it never stuck around for more two or three days tops. We had a fair amount of rain, but not snow. It is so bizarre.

(Tyrone Wells - Happy as a Sun)

Today's bone of the day is the Incus. This another one of those three little bones found in the ear. This one is shaped like a little anvil.

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