Thursday, February 16, 2012


I find it incredibly difficult to pay attention in my Physics class. I've noticed that it seems common for most of the people I've talked to to either be really good at Chemistry or Physics. I am definitely much better at Chemistry than Physics, hands down, no question.

However, this issue is not aided by the fact that all of my Physics classes have been somewhat odd. My high school physics class teacher was exceptional in his field, but the year I had him his wife was dying and (quite appropriately) he was gone a good amount of the time. So between his occasional appearances at school and the many substitutes,  a subject that was already confusing for me became even more confusing. Since then I've now had two professors who, while both capable in their fields and even probably good teachers, have both learned English as a second language. So, in these classes, where I've tried to make heads and tails of the different concepts, doing so has been increasingly difficult as understanding what is being said in the first place has been difficult. some of the most basic of concepts, the ones I even do understand, have been more difficult to make sense of as a result of the different forms of expressing things, resulting from a non-native approach to English. I am in not trying to criticize either of these two professors, but for me, already being confused in Physics, it has perhaps been less than beneficial.

All of that aside, I would very much like to like Physics. I don't right now, but the desire is there. I just need to put forward the effort. Watching videos like the following helps to motivate me. :)

(Zero Gravity - Water Droplets Orbit Knitting Needle)

(Waterdrop shot in 10000 frames a second)

Today's bone is the Temporal bone.  And, you guessed it, it is located just where you consider your Temples to be. As another of the cranial bones, it is located just superior and generally a little anterior to you ears.

Day 43

-promethean: inspirational
-promulgate: publish, disseminate
-prophylactic: preventative
-prosaic: uninspired, flat
-prospectus: brochure

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  1. If you need help with physics, just let me know via Facebook. We could skype or something and I could probably help you understand the concepts better, which makes doing the math that much easier. Just let me know!