Thursday, February 9, 2012

On Being a Zombie

I'm not sure when my interest in zombies began. I think I was interested before this, but in October 2008 (?) I went with some of my immediate family to Toronto for a mini vacation and to participate in Thrill the World there. Thrill the World is basically an attempt each year to set the record for the most people simultaneously doing the dance to Michael Jackson's Thriller. Yep. Often in costume.

Kyle and I had spent the weeks leading up to Toronto picking out and gorifying our costumes with concoctions of fake blood. Sweet, yummy, syrupy, chocolatey, fake blood. It is quite possible that there are still "blood" streaks on the building I was living in from where we splashed blood at our costumes. :) Here's a link to a video on facebook of footage from that night and pictures (not from the actual event, but before and after)...I'm not sure whether any of you will be able to see it, but it is an attempt. If it were on YouTube I would have embedded it. Oh well.

Anyway, it was the start of the recognition that I liked all things zombies. We watched a variety of zombie movies in the process of preparing for Thrill the World. I am not really a horror movie fan, but I attempt to make a slight exception for zombie movies....even if I still end up hiding my face half the time.

I guess I just think that the idea behind zombies is ridiculous, but cool. Even though I am Legend is not a movie about zombies, in many ways I also enjoy it for the same reasons. My most recent zombie excursion has been the show The Walking Dead. Although I saw this spoof before I ever watched any of the actual show.

(Walken Dead)

Today's zombie inspiration came from the following image.

Which I pretty much think is pure awesome-ness. :)

I suppose I'll just have to continue to look for opportunities to let the inner zombie out. Whether through humor or through dressing up and chasing people in Zombie 5K runs. It's a pretty popular thing. I don't think I'll lack for opportunities.

The bone of the day today is the Hyoid bone. This is a pretty cool bone as it isn't one that your normally think about.  It is unique in that it doesn't articulate with any other bones. Rather, it serves as a base of connection for a number of the muscles having to do with your tongue and larynx. So, basically, it sits behind your chin close to your throat.

Day 36

-lave: wash
-leviathan: a monster
-libidinous: lustful
-ligature: bond
-Lilliputian: very small

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