Friday, February 17, 2012

Ice Skating! :D

Have I mentioned how much I love ice skating? Well, now I have. And I do. A long time ago, when we lived in Washington, I remember vaguely taking ice skating lessons. And then just loving any opportunities I got to go ice skating after that. Several of my birthday parties in later years involved small groups and expeditions to ice skating rinks. And then when I got my driver's license I would head off to Cincinnati with my cheap pair of skates to take to the ice alone with my iPod. I did this again in Utah, although Utah spoiled me with the fantastic Seven Peaks Ice Arena. I also took ice skating lessons again there with my brother.

I can compile my ice skating experiences pretty much into one little succinct paragraph, but my appreciation and love for it is more than that. Winter Olympics = watching both figure skating and ice dancing. Could I be happier for the few weeks that they're on the television non-stop? Probably not. And what is my favorite sport to watch? That would be ice hockey. I really just love ice skating and most things that involve ice skating.

We went ice skating a few weeks back and it really was so much fun. Sometimes I go, and even for how much I love ice skating, I get tired rather quickly. But this last go around was a reminder to me how much I can really enjoy the activity, particularly given the right circumstance, company, and mood.

Coat! Spinning!

This video just popped up on the Wimp feed. It's pretty awesome. Can you imagine living someplace where you could ice skate to your destination in the morning? That would be amazing.

(Ice Skating on Amsterdam Canals Winter 2012)

In the meantime I suppose I'll have to keep making my trips to the ice skating rink to get my regular fix of ice skating.

Today we'll look at the Maxilla. You actually have two bones that make up your Maxilla, a right and a left half. Your Maxilla is essentially the bone that makes up the upper part of your mouth (connected to your upper teeth) as well as extending towards your cheek bones and up along your nose a bit. When you see children with cleft pallets, it is usually an indicator of an incorrect fusing of their maxilla bones before birth.

Day 44

-pygmy: dwarf
-pyrrhic: a battle won with unacceptable losses
-rapacious: grasping, avaricious
-rapine: plunder
-rapprochement: reconciliation

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