Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hot Coffee

Behind on my blogging! Yesterday (Saturday) (as well as Friday evening) was crazy busy and I just never got around to posting. So we'll have two today to make up for it.

Let's see. On Friday night  I watched the documentary Hot Coffee. I'd heard about it before but I hadn't watched it when the opportunity had first presented itself, and jumped on the opportunity when it again became available. It takes a look at the case of the roughly 80-year old woman who spilled coffee from McDonald's on herself and sued McDonald's over it. It also looks at a number of other cases and really looks at how businesses have skewed the way we look at cases of citizens suing businesses. I recognize that there is a bias in the documentary, but I think you can determine how much of bias there is for yourself and I realy can't recommend it enough. I really can't.

I've never talked to anyone who had heard about that case and didn't originally view it with some sense of disgust, considering it an abuse by the woman who sued of the civil courts. It really is incredible for me to look back at how I originally viewed that case and how I view it now. I can't believe how little I knew about it and how easily I was swayed (along with everyone else) to think about it the way I did. It wasn't a frivolous law suit. I'll say that at least.

Again, I recommend seeing the film. You can think whatever you want about that case beforehand (and really whatever you want after), but I'll be seriously surprised if your perspective on the entire situation isn't altered (unless, of course, you're one of those people profiting from the arbitration laws and damages caps). Watch it.

Today we'll look at the Sternum, or breastbone. Like many of our bones, this one can also be palpated. It's cool that it is essentially the connection to our ribs to protect many of our vital organs from the front. 

Day 38

-moral: ethical
-morale: spirit, confidence
-morass: swamp, difficult situation
-moratorium: postponement
-mordant: biting, sarcastic

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