Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February! :)

In a very annoying turn of events, I just deleted all of my words for today... I'll have to go back and find them... Which I can only do at home....which is not where I currently am...

Being the first of February, today feels like as good a day as any to get my act together and start training for the half this May. Somewhere I have a running schedule....somewhere....the only problem is that there just isn't a lot of time to go run on Wednesdays. However, looking at the schedule (which I've just found), Wednesdays are generally rest days. :) They're cross training days sometimes, but not for awhile. All the same, I should probably do something, some form of exercise, later on this evening after Italian. Did I mention that I'm taking Italian language classes at the moment with my mother and younger sister? Yeah, we're not very good right now. Mostly because we missed the last two classes and haven't been practicing.

I'd already come to this conclusion, but it was obviously apparent to me this morning at 5:00 when I got up to finish some of my homework that I am most definitely a morning person. :) Don't get me wrong, I can work late into the night when I feel so inclined and/or motivated, but working until around 11:00 last night and then waking up to finish in the morning, my brain was definitely in a happier, clearer state of mind this morning. And I just love the mornings. :) Particularly when I don't have to rush.

That aside, I need to get more sleep than I am currently getting. My brain felt more energized this morning but I was still tired.

Today's bone is the Clavicle. :) Commonly known as the collar bone. One of my favorites because it is so easy to find on the body!

Day 28

-droll: amusing
-dudgeon: resentment, indignant humor
-dupe: one who is easily tricked, victim
-ebullient: exuberant

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