Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February the 14th...

Happy Valentine's Day!

I have an interesting relationship with Valentine's Day. On the one hand I appreciate that there may be some historical value in the story of St. Valentine. Or if not historical value, there's still something nice about the idea of someone flying in the face of the law when the law is wrong. Obviously, I'm biased in favor of the angle St. Valentine took with the law, although I can't say that for everything out there. I'm sure there are many situations where flying in the face of the law would not find favor in my eyes, but at least in this situation, it is rather romantic.

On the other hand, I find the commercialized nature of the holiday to often be rather repulsive. You walk into the grocery store and are instantly set upon by ridiculous displays of large red heart boxes filled with chocolate and red and pink balloons and flowers. Don't get me wrong, I love chocolate, and don't really mind the heart shaped boxes, but why must that be the only way that things are presented? I guess I'm frustrated that there's such a set look to what Valentine's day stuff looks like.

There's also the idea that Valentine's Day is the one day out of the year (perhaps with the addition of birthdays, mother's/father's days, and anniversaries) when it is most appropriate to show love and appreciation for those you care about. I'm happy to have another excuse to do that, and to perhaps be more over the top about it than I otherwise would be, but I very much believe that when you care about someone, particularly in a romantic sense, that affection should not be limited to being presented one day (or two or three days) of the year. It should be a constant thing.

But perhaps that is just my style of affection showing.

I/we celebrated Valentine's Day yesterday, as I'll be in class most of today. Hooray for good food (Spumoni!) and creatively packaged candy. I bought no Valentine's Day commercialized candy. I'm saving that for tomorrow when it is all on sale. :)

Mine didn't have a fuse....

No labels on mine...although these are pretty awesome labels.

We had snow this morning in the Midwest. Not very much, but enough to scare drivers and make them drive at absurdly slow speeds. I'd already left late so I mostly wasn't worried about being late (which was fitting as my professor hadn't even shown up yet for class when I arrived). This is maybe the fourth time it has snowed this season, although that's twice in a short period of time. It actually sort of feels like winter at the moment! What an odd idea. ;)

Your Femur is the big bone in your upper leg.  It's the largest bone in the body and when you've got all of the bones lying our in front of you to study, this is pretty obvious.

Day 41

-pellucid: transparent
-percolate: ooze, permeate
-peregrination: wandering
-perfidious: treacherous (of a person)
-perigee: point nearest the earth

And I almost forgot! Yesterday marked the beginning of my actual training program that I've got laid out. Of course, as, according to the program, yesterday was a rest day (Monday's generally will be), today is the first real running day. Perhaps if I include my progress here I'll be more motivated to actually do it. Today I'm supposed to run two miles. It will have to wait until after class, but I'd really like to push myself to make sure it happens.

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