Sunday, February 19, 2012

Diana Wynne Jones and Howl's Moving Castle

I recently watched the movie Howl's Moving Castle. It's amazing to me how quickly I've gone from being pretty meh about anime to really liking some of it purely for the sake of the wonderful stories that are being told. I actually avoided this particular film for awhile because I didn't want to see a ruined version of a book (which up until this weekend) I hadn't read, but by an author I very much enjoy. Diana Wynne Jones wrote one of my favorite series growing up, The Chronicles of Chrestomanci. All of the books in the series are wonderful, but Witch Weekly cemented my original knowledge of Guy Fawkes long before I fell in love with V for Vendetta.

Anyway, I finally saw both the film and read the book in the space of the last week/week and a half and I very much enjoyed both, though I was surprised at how different they were. I think the plot in the book was confusing enough that they didn't want to mess with it too much and instead attempted to make a less confusing version of the story in the film. I'm not sure it really worked, as I find the plot to make more sense in the book (for all that it is more complicated) and the plot to make less sense in the movie (for all that it is prettier and seemingly less complicated. I guess I would consider them to be different stories entirely, for how differently they were written, and for all that there are lots of details that overlap.

I'd still recommend both reading the book and seeing the film, but perhaps not comparing them too much. I think you'll just end up more confused if you do. But perhaps not.

(Howl's Moving Castle - Official Trailer)

Your Metacarpal bones are the bones that make up the palm of your hands. They're connected to your carpals (remember, wrist bones!) on the one end and your finger bones (phalanges) on the other end. 

Day 46

-rhapsody: ecstasy
-ribald: coarse, vulgar
-riffraff: dregs of society
-risible: laughable
-romp: frolic

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