Sunday, February 5, 2012

Blues Dancing in Cincinnati :)

I was reading an article in Time this morning and, as the columns that the article were written in were rather narrow, frequently words would be split from one line to another line. This is not an abnormal thing. :) However, today in that article I was reading and came up to the word "us-" at the end of a line. Now, in my head I was thinking "us" as in me and someone else, and as I looked on and saw "-er," I was rather confused for a I had to string together those two. Realistically, I don't think there are a lot of words that start with "us-" and sound like "us," but there it was.

We went blues dancing again here in Cincinnati last night and it was so much fun. :) There were hardly any people there (total = 8-10), but as I'd brought someone to dance with, I wasn't wanting for partners at any point. Speaking of which, that was an unusual experience for me, as typically I don't go with anyone and I dance with everyone. Anyway, I asked to play Level by the Raconteurs and they did. :) It wasn't quite the version I typically listen to, but it was close. I've posted it before on facebook, but here it is again. I really love it as a song and for how perfect it is to blues dance to.

(The Raconteurs - Level)

The bone of the day is the Mandible, your lower jaw bone. Kind of important. You could probably live without it, but it wouldn't be fun.

Day 32

-gravamen: the essential part of an accusation
-halcyon: serene
-hegira: a journey to a more pleasant place
-hermetic: airtight, sealed
-heuristic: teaching device or method

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