Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cincinnati! Why didn't I know you were there?

On Sunday we spent several hours driving around to various thrift stores around and about Cincinnati. There's a slightly more formal photo shoot coming up and we were sifting through the racks in these stores trying to find perfect combinations.

This realization has been coming on in the last several months, but it was rather obvious to me on Sunday. I love Cincinnati. It's wonderful. If I were to choose to live there, I think I'd be really happy there. I don't know how I've lived in Indiana for almost fifteen years now (minus the years in Utah) and not come to this realization, but somehow I've done it. But, only now when I'll probably be leaving the area in a few months, I realize what an incredible city it is.

Perhaps it is because I've had more time and motivation to explore the city of late. Perhaps it is because my key reason for coming to Cincinnati when I was old enough to drive in high school was for dance lessons and occasional excursions to various stores. Perhaps that is why I've been so blind until now. but I'm no longer blind. I see the beauty that is in front of me.

You've got a wonderful downtown area, full of museums, landmarks, parks, shops, and other interesting places to visit. My Irish dance lessons of course. Now the discovery of a small Blues dance group. The most glorious rolling hills with a sporadic and confusing city layout. And the architecture. We were driving around College Hill and we just passed so many of the most marvelous houses. It made me wonder why we lived in a small town in the country when there was so much at the finger tips of such a lovely part of Cincinnati. I'm sure I'm not at all biased towards that part of town as a result of its close proximity to where the blues dance studio is. ;)

There are hundreds of other wonderful things about Cincinnati. I probably couldn't really begin to scape the surface of why it is such a cool city. In fact, due to my complete ignorance on so much of what makes Cincinnati a cool city, I've only just begun to go back through the old podcasts of the radio podcast Explore Cincinnati. I'm sure I'll find other podcasts like it when I run out of their posts.

Hopefully, between now and when I take off for some other location, through exploration and curiosity I'll learn more about this wonderful city that I've grown up next to. I'm sure Indianapolis holds many other wonderful things as well, but Cincinnati has always appealed more to my heart.

Today's bone is is the Talus, which is superior to your calcaneus  in your ankle. It is another one of your tarsal bones (ankle bones). Your talus is the ankle bone which articulates with your lower leg bones, so it is responsible in many ways for distributing most of your body weight to your feet.

Day 42

-pootroon: coward
-portmanteau: suitcase
-potpourri: medley
-prattle: chatter
-precis: summary

And on an unrelated note, this song was pointed out to me about a week ago and then again more recently. It really is a very beautiful and emotional song. It makes me sad, but I think it is lovely.

(Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra))

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