Monday, February 20, 2012

Brain Explosion = A Light Post Today

My mind feels like it going to explode today. There's just more than the usual allotment trying to fill it at the moment. And on top of that, I've several chapters of thick Physiology reading to do when I'd rather do a wide variety of other things.

So, today's going to be a pretty light day.

Let's see. Here's a song. As it is the Theme from Howl's Moving Castle, it relates more to yesterday's post, but here it is today anyway. I've got a copy of this for piano and I'd love to learn it. :)

(Howl's Moving Castle Main Theme)

And the bone of the day is the Fibula. This would be the smaller lateral bone of your lower leg. Most of the time when you try and feel the bones in your lower leg, it is easier to feel your Tibia (the larger central one) but if you feel the outer bone just above your ankle, that's the Fibula. :) I remember which one it is by remembering that with the lower legs, the longer name is the smaller bone and the shorter name is the larger bone. It is the opposite of what you'd think it would be in that way only.

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