Monday, January 23, 2012

Year of the Dragon: 2012!

Today celebrates the beginning of the year of the Dragon. :) I have a special place in my heart for the year of the Dragon as it is my Chinese Zodiac. Not that I put any stick in zodiacs or any form of astrology. But, all the same, it is fun read and laugh about what being a Dragon apparently says about my personality. ;)

I guess I'm an Earth opposed to a Water Dragon....which is this year....according to Wikipedia our motto is "I reign" and our ruling ours are from seven in the morning to ten in the morning. I guess that's why I'm a morning person. ;)

And according to Wikipedia, these are the kinds of people that are Dragons:
Magnanimous, stately, vigorous, strong, self-assured, proud, noble, direct, dignified, eccentric, intellectual, fiery, passionate, decisive, pioneering, artistic, generous, loyal. Can be tactless, arrogant, imperious, tyrannical, demanding, intolerant, dogmatic, violent, impetuous, brash.
It would be difficult for one of those to not fit everyone born in the year of the Dragon....but all? Nah...

Day 19

-anathema: curse
-animadversion: critical remark
-anodyne: pain soothing
-antediluvian: ancient, obsolete
-aphasia: speechless

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