Thursday, January 5, 2012

Words, words, words... (Day 1)

As I mentioned earlier, I'm to take the GRE this week. Tomorrow actually. Am I ready? Not really. But I'm more ready than I was before. I should probably be focusing more on studying rather than writing this, but here I am anyway. I'd like to do well on this test, but I'm not stressing about it. I'm a little unsure of exactly how much I will or won't over-analyze the questions, so I'm prepared to try my best on this exam but consider it in some way as a practice at the very minimum. Hypothetically, I'll do well tomorrow, but I know that I always do better on the second test in a class because I've established an understanding of the methods behind the tests.

However, long term, I think this idea that I've just set upon will be better for me than the few minutes of studying that would otherwise occur while I'm writing this.

For as long as I can keep it up (until I run out of words), I'm going to list five words a day from my dictionary of 4000 words used on the GRE. You see, as much as I recognize that these words aren't the most common ones in my daily vocabulary, they're words I'd like to know and understand. Going through these words I've come to recognize that there are many I don't know, and many I think I know and don't really have a proper understanding of, as well as a number of which I know in different contexts than the definitions given in this dictionary.

So, know that the definition I'll list is only one definition. And not necessarily the best definition, but a definition.

As there are so few of you out there who read this, this is likely to help no one besides myself. All the same, I think it will be fun. :) You'll likely know many of them. But that's ok. This is about solidifying words you already know and learning new ones.

Day 1:

-a cappella: without accompaniment (My favorite a capella group is The Nylons. I've never actually watched videos of them performing, so this is new to me....)

(The Nylons - Fire Official Video)

-encapsulate: condense
-macabre: gruesome
-parsimonious: stingy
-vacillate: waver

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