Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Word of the Year: 2011

Can you guess?

Yep. That one. You guessed right.


Fitting, no? If you'd like to learn more, you can read about it here on the CNN website (Thanks for the link, Mom!). Aside from describing the society that voted on it (Hey! Nobody asked me, and I'm even a linguist!), they also talk about some of the other words that were sort of in the running but were often too ridiculous to have really been considered.

Obviously, there are some very obvious reasons for the choice of that word as the word of the year. But aside from its more serious and political applications, it has also been fun to use it when referring to other less serious things. Such as Thor (the cat) occupying my lap. And a bunch of us occupying Morgan's temporary room prior to Christmas (which also happened to be the room where all the wrapping paper is now stored). It is fun to have a new context in which to approach the word. :)

Day 7:

-cheeky: brash, forward
-endocrinologist: one who studies glands of internal secretion (I already knew this one - thank you anatomy!)
-ibidem: in the same place
-jingoistic: nationalistic, warmongering
-peevish: cranky

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