Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Vinyls and Food Storage

Hazy in the air is the mentality of moving.

My parents know they'd like to move sometime between now and this next August. Everything is pretty flexible, but that's the idea. Along with that comes the idea to downsize and get rid of the horde of random stuff that they don't really need or want.

For instance, this past Sunday they went through their vinyl record collection and decided what to do with all of them. They're not planning on taking them when they move. Some of them have really funny covers...like this one:

Yeah....they're weird...

Anyway, they're also getting rid of hundreds of pounds of food storage (wheat, popcorn, beans, etc.) that we've had sitting in our basement storage room forever. My mom put the food storage up on Craig's List and got a reply almost right away from a guy that lives about fifteen minutes from Florence, KY. Soooo...not too far from Cincinnati. Ok. So here's where we learn about people who don't ever go anywhere.

If you look at a map of Florence, KY and mentally draw a picture of what would be "about fifteen minutes" from Florence, that's not a huge circle.

No big deal. Right.

But, there were two points that were brought up during the conversation about how to get to my parent's house. First, the last time this guy had been on I-74 was when he "got lost." So the last time he was headed into Indiana on an interstate was when he got last...never mind how close he is to Indiana. It gets better, as the second detail is that the last time he went to Hebron (just NW of the airport on that same map) was before the airport was built. Hebron is about seven miles from Florence. The first terminal at the airport was built in 1947....the next two were added in 1974. So, I kind of want to assume he's referring to the most recent additions in 1974, but either way, wow. These people don't get out much. It makes me wonder about the lifestyle that leads that doesn't lend itself to inspiring them to travel. I know other people like them, but it is such a strange concept to me.

Anyway, I guess the showed up and everything went well. :)

Day 6:

-a la carte: priced separately
-carafe: bottle
-dictum: saying
-fjord: inlet
-lupine: wolf-like (This is one of those moments where you realize J.K. Rowling was making some things pretty dang obvious in her books. But only to those who know. I was not one of those who knew.)

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