Wednesday, January 25, 2012

So cold!

It has been so cold today! It's still cold! It was cold when I left for class this morning, it was cold all through Chemistry, and it is cold now in the house.

As a result I've got the space heater going and I've resolved to take my corn bag with me to class in the morning, although I haven't noticed that the Physics lab room is cold. All the same, just in case....

And I think it would probably be a good idea for me to not shave my legs in the morning... ;) Ouch! Too cold! I've never really had much trouble with shaving, even in the winter, but these last few thank you. Proceed with caution.

And, on that note....

(Breaking Benjamin - So Cold (Official Video HD)

And something rather different....

(Margaret Whiting and Johnny Mercer - Baby It's Cold Outside)

Day 21

-bevy: group

-bilious: ill-tempered
-bivouac: encampment
-bon vivant: gourmet, epicure
-bovine: cow-like

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