Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Short Analysis of Emotion

I've come to the conclusion that while I am a highly emotional person, most of my varying emotions are responsive to my perception of other people's emotions. I naturally default to a pretty happy, positive outlook and attitude. As I've mentioned before, there are, of course, inconsistencies in that related to be just being in a bad mood or responding to hormones or just being plain irrational occasionally.

However, there are also a lot of inconsistencies in my emotions related to other people. Contentious argument around me makes me anxious very quickly. Feeling ignored makes me feel a little depressed sometimes. Hearing about the difficulties of others makes me feel sorrow for their pain. Careless comments attacking others makes me frustrated and angry. Most of this is probably all just happening in my head. Perhaps there's not really contention in the argument. Perhaps I'm not being ignored. Perhaps the telling of those experiences isn't really painful for those individuals. Perhaps those people aren't trying to attack the others.

I feel as if I naturally default to a happy place (most of the time) and being around other people makes me realize some of my negative emotions. But perhaps that isn't a bad thing. Perhaps it is a way of balancing and contrasting my natural disposition.

And maybe this is all just an indicator of an introverted (as far as where I get my energy from) personality. I love being around people and people frequently make me happier and bring me joy, but when I'm by myself, when I have time for myself, it allows me to return to that balance after being thrown off from trying to understand what is going on in everyone elses heads. 

(The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition [Official Video])

Day 10

-abeyance: postponement
-atavistic: exhibiting the characteristics of one's forebears
-consanguineous: related by blood
-deposition: testimony
-febrile: feverish, delirious

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