Sunday, January 15, 2012

Immunizations and Pinterest

I'm going to Costa Rica with some of my family this coming week. This morning we were discussing some of the details and needing to get our immunizations up to date to travel. I was talking about how I'd have to track down my shot record and a few other loose leaf additions to my shot record.

Alluding to the fact that if I happened to receive an extra immunization a little earlier than needed (as in, if I hadn't properly recorded some of my latest immunizations), what was the worst thing that could happen?

My mother's response, "Typhoid."

At which point I had to back up the conversation and clarify that I'd meant the worst thing that could happen if I got extra immunizations, as opposed to not getting the immunizations. :)

This morning my mother also educated me on the ways and methods of Pinterest. It is very cool. Another avenue by which to waste lots of time online. :)

Day 11

-abrogate: cancel
-bacchanal: orgy
-cabal: plot
-Machiavellian: politically crafty, cunning
-prestidigitator: magicians


  1. I don't wish to seem finical but you misspelled bacchanal.

  2. No worries and good catch. That's not the first one I've misspelled. I find when I'm copying things from one source to another (book to computer) I'm more likely to make spelling errors.