Thursday, January 26, 2012

Friends....Forever? Probably Not.

I was thinking about how it is kind of sad how we move through different groups of people over the course of our lives. I know I've only just begun that process, being still quite young, but it makes me sad all the same, even if I contribute equally to it. 

From childhood friends to grade school friends and church friends. From college friends and various communities. When you're around people, you to talk to them, they're real. And now, even with the many social networks that exist, most people just fall off your radar. They're busy with their lives as you're busy with yours and unless a mutual effort is made, contact is rarely maintained. I can only think of one or two rare exceptions to this. And I can't blame anyone for it any more than I can blame myself. If I really wanted to stay in contact with someone, I could, and they'd likely be more motivated to do the same. It just seems sad that we can build such strong relationships with people only to see those relationships be barely existent just short distance down the road.

And this is kind of pretty. :) Even pulled out of context.

(Daft Pink - Nightvision)

And on that note....let me admit that I very much like purging people from my "friends" list on facebook. I really only do it with people who are either particularly obnoxious or people who I'm pretty sure won't notice. And I don't really talk to any of the people I get rid of. There's just something nice about it. It feels cleaner afterward. Like after you've tidied up your room.

Day 22

-casuistry: specious reasoning
-cause celebre: celebrated legal case
-caveat emptor: buyer beware
-cavil: quibble
-cenotaph: empty tomb

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  1. Yup - the only truly important thing in life is family... because those are the people you can't get rid of, even if you wanted to. :-D