Friday, January 6, 2012

Done! (Day 2)

Hooray! I was victorious and finished the GRE this morning! Done! And not too badly. Could have been better on the Quantitative Reasoning part, but really good on Verbal. We'll seeing about the Writing section....

I'm not allowed to talk about the content of the test, but let me just briefly explain what happens once you finish the test so that perhaps for any of you out there who are planning on taking it, you have more of a clue than I did.

Once you finish the last section of the test a screen will pop up asking you if you want to Cancel or Report your score. No, you've not seen your scores yet at this point. It just wants you to base that decision off of how you feel leaving the test. Once that's decided and done, if you've chosen to Report your scores, your scores will pop up (obviously not for the writing section as that still needs to be scored) for you to see. If you don't know how the the scoring system works, these numbers will mean nothing to you. So do your homework and find out how the new scoring system works. This is important because after you view that screen, you'll be given the option of sending your scores to four schools of your choice. Not really knowing what my scores meant, I went ahead and sent my scores anyway. Of course, it might have been good if I'd known exactly where to send the scores (note to self: there will be specific options within each school - know where to send them exactly), but at least they're headed in generally the right direction.

However, regardless of having finished and not likely needing to take it again, I'm going to keep on with my word sharing. :)

Day 2:

-antipodal: exactly opposite

(I was presented with a better definition for antipodal which you all will perhaps find as amusing as I found it: "It is a description for a state of rebellion for people who have a particular distaste for pods. They are the type of people who will be seen in Walmart throwing bags of frozen peas on the floor as a political statement about the fact that peas should not have pods. Pods are a symbol of a tyranny of nature that aims to trap peas inside a shell of dogma and restrict the liberty of peas.")

-filial: son
-speleologist: one who studies caves
-ubiquitous: omnipresent, pervasive
-zephyr: gentle breeze

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