Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pinterest. The addiction.

I've become addicted to Pinterest lately. I hadn't really given it a second thought until my mom mentioned that she thought it was cool. At which point I sort of said, "Yeah, that sounds cool," and then forgot about it for awhile. But now I've been properly introduced and I'm a fan. It is essentially just a visual pin board of ideas, pictures, quotes, you name it. And while that sounds kind of lame from my pathetic little description, it really is pretty cool if you use it. I've been collecting recipes there and already I've tried several of the new ones I've found. And there are a bunch of crafty ideas I'd like to try. :) And just cool things in general. It is a method by which to collect cool ideas and things without having to physically hoard those things.

I've decided to add an element of bones to this blog....today's bone is the Frontal Bone. This is one of your cranial bones. It's the one, as you'd guess, right up front. When you put your hand on your forehead, you're pretty much right on it.

And, just for kicks, here's something even more random. I used to dance on one of the folk dance teams at school (so much fun!) and one of my favorites was the Dana. This clip is not very glamorous, but it's wonderful dance none the less. :) Very easy, very fun.


Day 27

-didactic: instructional
-diocese: district
-disputatious: fond of arguing
-dither: move without purpose
-doldrums: dullness

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