Friday, January 13, 2012

Books and Movies

There's been so much going on in the film world lately as relates to a number of books that I've very much enjoyed!

First, we have the American version of Girl With the Dragon Tattoo which came out recently (this last December). I actually haven't seen it yet, but it is on the list of films I want to see. I've read the series and seen all of the Swedish versions and so I approach the American version with some hesitancy, but also excitement as more material surrounding a story I very much enjoy is welcome material. As long as it is done well (Additional material in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series via M. Night Shyamalan was most definitely not welcome material.). Actually, there is also some hesitancy associated with some of the more graphically violent scenes of the movie, as I don't do violence very well, but I'd like to see it all the same.

This is the longer trailer. Gives you more of an idea about the plot.

Then we have The Hunger Games (due to be released March 23), which I'm again hesitantly excited for. I really enjoyed the first book (the second and third were enjoyable, but not as good), but there is always that tension over whether it will be done as well as it should be done. I guess we'll see.

And then there's The Hobbit (part one due to be released December 14, 2012 and part two due to be released December 13, 2013). I can't help but be excited about that, as I have considerable faith in Peter Jackson to produce two quality films to encapsulate the wonderful story that is The Hobbit. Did I mention that this last year I helped choreograph a dance number and fight scene (between the dwarves and goblins) in a children's production of The Hobbit? It definitely gave me further appreciation for the story. My only worry where this film is concerned is that they are intentionally doing it in 3D. I don't enjoy watching 3D films. I don't like having to wear the glasses. It gives me a headache. For this, I'm perhaps willing to attempt it again, but I'd really rather not have to wear the glasses.

Lastly, I've just discovered that someone is finally attempting to make a film of Ender's Game. I remain very hesitant here. Ender's Game involves a cast of characters that are very difficult to realize using actual actors, as the children are supposed to be extraordinarily young and intelligent. I think what will likely happen is that all of the children will be a bit older than they should be, but that the general effect will still be there. As yet, the cast of children they've chosen along with choices for the adults seems very promising to me, even if I'm still nervous....we've got Harrison Ford as Graff, Abigail Breslin as Valentine (I'm not sure I would have picked her), Hailee Steinfeld as Petra, Ben Kingsley as Mazer Rackham, Jimmy Pinchak as Peter, Aramis Knight as Bean, and Asa Butterfield as Ender. Could be good. We'll see. I don't know that these castings are set in stone, but this will at least give you some idea of what it might be like. (The estimated date of release is March 13, 2013.)

Asa Butterfield as Ender

Abigail Breslin as Valentine
Jimmy Pinchak as Peter

Aramis Knight as Bean
Hailee Steinfeld as Petra
Ben Kingsley as Mazer Rackham
Harrison Ford as Graff

Day 9

-actuate: induce, start
-bogy: bugbear
-demagogue: a politician who appeals to base instincts
-exegesis: interpretation
-paean: a song of praise

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