Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Music Phases: French House?

I regularly go through music phases where I listen to certain albums or types of music in concentrated doses for awhile before needing to switch things up. I frequently kill music this way. But I continue to do it anyway.

Most recently I've been in love with Daft Punk and other similar music types. I'm not sure that I even knew who/what Daft Punk was until the most recent Tron movie. I hate to land too much in the following club based on the music being used in a movie, but to be fair, there's so much out there. Sometimes you just need another avenue to introduce wonderful things to your life.

Here are a few of my recent favorites.

Around the World (Daft Punk). This song isn't an overly complicated or deep song, but it is fun to listen to. I think it was watching the video that really made me fall in love with the song. It is so...interesting....the mummies are my favorite.

Daft Punk "Around the World" from Stephan Pilon Lectez on Vimeo.

(Daft Punk "Around the World")

Next is End of the Line, again by Daft Punk. This song appeared in the most recent Tron film. This is the version I like most, but below is a similar version that I was able to embed. Again, not an overly complicated song, but there is about it.

(Daft Punk - Tron Legacy Theme - End of Line)

Last, for now, is Carnival by Milan and Phoenix. The video below just throws you sort of into the middle of the song, but it isn't too bad. This song makes me want to move. To dance. To feel energy.

(Milan & Phoenix - Carnival (Original Mix)

I think that is good for now.

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