Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lost in Translation

So, I ordered two coats over a month ago on Etsy from a little family run business in China. They have a beautiful style that comes across in their clothing designs.

Upon ordering the two coats a conversation was started concerning what sizes I wanted. Based on my measurements, I'd asked for them both in the Small size. She then asked for my exact measurements so she could "custom" make my coats. I gave them to her and upon receiving them she recommended I go with a medium....even though the medium measurements seemed to clearly indicate that it would be too big. But, assuming she knew her designs and how they fit, I opted for her professional opinion.

At this point it was already pretty clear that there was a language barrier we weren't crossing very well. I would ask a question or say something and while she'd respond, she wouldn't respond to those questions/statements. She was attempting to be incredibly helpful, but not really being very helpful, mostly because she couldn't communicate with me.

But, all of that aside, and ignoring my concerns, I went with the medium. I really have no idea how big she thought I was, or if she thought I'd maybe skewed my measurements, but let me tell you, the mediums sure as heck don't fit right.

So, now I'm stuck with two beautiful over-sized coats. Which I'll take to the local tailer tomorrow. Who I am hoping can do something to reduce the general bagginess that shouldn't be there.

So, for all of you who may or may not be contemplating buying things on Etsy, I definitely recommend Etsy for the wonderful things that can be found there. But, if someone tells you to buy a size that you know isn't the right size, don't let them convince you to go against what you know!

Go with your gut!

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