Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thoughts on Awesome Single Guys

So, I seem to know a plethora of fantastic guys...who are single....

...this is a mystery to me. Because for the most part I know how awesome they are. And that they deserve to be with girls who are equally awesome.

Oddly enough, while I do have some equally awesome girlfriends who are single, they never seem to be in the same place as the awesome guys. And I'm really not friends with as many awesome single women as awesome single men. And often it seems like even when they are in the same place, they just can't see what I see.

Sometimes, because I'm friends with so many awesome single guys, I wish for one second that I could make a million copies of myself and give one to each guy that I think is awesome so that I could make them all happy. Because I feel like I recognize how awesome they are and how much they deserve to be happy.

I realize that that probably sounds insanely self-centered and conceited. As if I would really be able to make most of them happy. And I have no way of knowing whether I would make most of them happy. I probably wouldn't. Not to mention that I probably wouldn't be happy, as I have no desire, even hypothetically, to be with more than one particular man. But I want them to be happy.

Anyway, I've just been more aware than usual this week of the many awesome guys I know out there. I know many of you are probably happy and content being single, but from the perspective of a girl who's not very good at staying single and doesn't really like to be single, I hope you all find someone perfect for you sooner rather than later.

*Note: awesome is intentionally my word of choice here. While it is morphed it a somewhat meaningless and open-ended word, because of that openness that it now has it fits with the general group of men that I'm talking about. These men aren't necessarily awe inspiring, but they are still awesome in that general sense.

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