Saturday, November 19, 2011

Not the most consistent run...

For all that I go running about once every nine days with varying results, today I felt ridiculously out of shape on my run. Obviously, I'm not an overly consistent runner, so I can't claim to deserve to be in shape, but really? I've run for longer than thirty minutes in the past few weeks in one stint without any troubles. Why so much pain this go around?

Perhaps it was because I was running in my normal running shoes as opposed to my five fingers (which I normally run in).

Perhaps it was because I've mostly been running inside in a warm(ish) room and today I ran outside in cool weather (not that cold, but cool). (Although, the last time I ran it was windy and I was outside and I didn't seem to have any problems.)

Perhaps it was because I felt slightly sick prior to running and have maybe been slightly dehydrated lately. (Note to self: drink more water.)

Whatever the reason, I got about four minutes into my run, stretched, ran for another three minutes, had a stitch in my side, walked, ran for another three minutes and a half minutes, walked, ran for another four and a half minutes, walked, ran for twelve minutes, walked some more, and finished off thirty minutes of running before walking home. That's rough. Not good.

So, I'm determined to attempt to run more often. To try and gain some consistency in my running.

And on a fun and exciting note, I found out today that my mother and sister will most likely be walking the Indy 500 Mini Marathon. :) Hooray!

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