Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fashion of the 1950's: Where are you?

I've discovered something recently about myself. I was ambling about on Etsy when I came to the conclusion that there are a handful of very specific styles that I prefer.

I'm very happy to exist in this day and age, with the technological advances and civil rights of today, but some the fashion of the previous decades speaks more to me than our present fashion.

For example, the apparel of the 1950s is absolutely fantastic. For individuals such as myself, with my frame and tastes, the following clothing examples are extremely preferable.

I mean, good grief! Why don't we see women wearing these kinds of dresses anymore? Perhaps we occasionally see them, but why not more often?

Regardless of whatever the reason for their decline in popularity, I'm determined to find/make and wear them. That goes for hats, gloves, and scarves as well. It can be a slow process building the foundation needed by some to feel like you can get away with wearing them, but I'm up for it. Obviously, I'm not planning on wearing them all the time, but I certainly want to wear them more.

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