Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dear Utah Drivers,

Dear Utah Drivers,

I'm not necessarily saying you're from Utah, or that you have Utah plates, but would you do me a favor and get out of the far left passing lane?

Because, really, did you know it is illegal here to cruise in the far left lane? Or rather, that it is illegal not to get over when there is a car coming up from behind you? Yeah, so when you're just sitting in the left lane (or even the second to the left lane) and a car comes up from behind you, if you don't move over, you're breaking the law. Doesn't matter if you're going the speed limit, or over the speed limit and the person behind you is going waaaay too fast. Get over.

It would be nice if you used your turn signals too, and didn't go ridiculously slooooooooooooow, but I'm willing to look past that most of the time. I'm also willing to look past (sometimes) when you can clearly see that there is a line for wherever you want to go but you choose to zoom ahead and then try to cut it.

Actually, no. I'm not willing to look past that. If you do that, I won't let you in. You should have gotten in line with everyone else. Screw you. You can flip me off, shake your head at me, wave your arms around like a crazy person, or whatever you like. You know what you did. Tough luck.

So, yeah, back to the point. Really, wherever you are (except for in the HOV lane), whatever state you're in (as long as you're in a country where they drive on the right side of the road), wherever you're going, don't cruise in the far left lane. It's rude. It's obnoxious. It's annoying. And, at least here in Utah, it's against the law.