Tuesday, February 8, 2011

In which I embark on a grammar rant...

I've never made any claims to being anything other than an English/Grammar snob. A degree in Linguistics helped make me more tolerate of variety in speech, but it also made me more aware of what is and isn't 'technically' correct. I also don't claim to be perfect with my grammar or spelling. I'm one of those people who has trouble consistently with commas (very abused in my writing) and differentiating effect and affect. But I do get my then/than, your/you're, too/to, they're/their/there usage right most of the time.

Have said that, I don't understand why people spell some things the way they do. I understand text spelling, using fewer letters in order to say more in 160 characters, but I don't understand why people shift their text writing into normal writing (I'll forgive almost anything in texts, though I am one of those people who texts in complete sentences with capitalization and punctuation.). And I don't understand why people sometimes spell words differently even though the spelling variations take up the same (or more) number of characters. It just doesn't make sense. All it ends up doing is make words look ridiculous.

Some examples:

kewl = cool (same number of letters, why not spell it right?)
hawt = hot (more letters!)
str8 = straight (just spell it out...)
secksi = sexy (that's at least two extra letters)
gurls = girls (same number again)

I use 'lol' (in writing only) as much as the next person, but few people actually uses the phrase 'laugh out loud' very often so I don't really feel like I'm violating the phrase 'laugh out loud' by using the acronym. People say 'hahaha' but that has a different feel than 'lol' does. Actually, in general I don't have any issues with acronyms. I just have a problem with the murdered spellings. And, now that I'm thinking about it, I find it annoying when people speak acronyms/symbols out loud such, "L-O-L, that's so funny!" or "I heart that!"

I also finding it annoying when people use the 'short' version of word. Such as,

"Just 'lax." vs. "Just relax."
"This is redic." vs. "This is ridiculous."

Now, I understand if someone is trying to put off an accent in their writing, but if people are just writing the murdered spellings and shortened versions just out of habit and laziness, that's annoying and gets old fast.

Speak and write the way you want to. But know that I'll judge you for intentionally misspelling things.


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