Sunday, January 9, 2011

Blast from the Past!

So, I was on facebook, just taking a look at my news feed and not really paying attention when I noticed the picture below. It was just a random picture of an old high school friend snowboarding. No big deal. But then I had a double-take! My brain wanted me to remember something! Something familiar about this picture.

But before I spoil it and confess where my nerdy mind went (although, honestly, you might not have been able to help but look, seeing as how this screen isn't usually long enough to hide much of the rest of the post), let me ask, does this picture make you think of anything in particular? Anything at all? Anything specific?

I mean, come on! It is practically shouting at you! Can't you hear it?

Ok, now that you've about it, I'll tell you what it made me think of.



...(trying to increase the distance so maybe, just maybe, you won't be able to see my answer before you think about it)




...(just a bit more, and if that isn't enough, oh well...)


Ok. It made me think of this game. (Haha! Didn't spoil it after all! Well, not yet...)

I mean, come on, didn't it make you think of that too?

And for all of you who didn't feel like following my link, these are the images that flashed before eyes when I saw the above picture.

And at some point, truly inevitably,

That darn abominable snowman. How we hate him.

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