Monday, January 3, 2011

2011: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Officially, I've been writing on this blog for over a year now!

Looking back a year ago, here were my resolutions for 2010:

Resolution: Write more in my journal (at least six out of seven days a week).
Outcome: Failed. Haha...I did write more, at least for awhile, but things came to a grinding halt in the last four months. Yeah....

Resolution: Run more (at least three days a week).
Outcome: Partially accomplished. First part of the year (January/February) went well. March/April, so-so. May, good. June/July/August, ok. September, October, ok. November/December, almost none. There was improvement, overall, but not enough.

Resolution: Not buy ice cream or licorice.
Outcome: Improvement, but still failed. I don't recall the last time I bought ice cream....although I still consumed a great deal of it. Licorice, very rarely. But they both still disappear at lightning speed.

Resolution: Finish my undergraduate.
Outcome: Accomplished. Yay!

Resolution: Visit Oklahoma.
Outcome: Accomplished. Victory, baby!

So, not too bad, but not perfect.

This coming year?


-Run, run, run! More, and more! And I'll tell you why in the next post. I'm thinking six miles a week in January, at least ten miles a week in February, at least sixteen miles a week in March, at least twenty a week in April (maybe more), May is a little hazy because I have a race, at least twenty a week in June, at least twenty a week in July, at least twenty-eight a week in August, September is also a bit hazy, and then tapering a bit from there, with at least sixteen a week for the rest of the year. That doesn't seem too bad. I guess we'll see....

-Solidify plans for grad school. Prep for registration (a.k.a pre-reqs and clinic hours). Maybe register for grad school? (Those all sound like very do-able things...but also scary things...)

If I were to accomplish those two things, I'd be pretty happy....but since two seems like too few to have...(haha, two, too, to)...maybe I'll come up with a few more and post them later.

But for now, that's that!

Happy New Year! 2011, it is going to be great.

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